Benziey’s Musical Journey

Lil Benziey, Is an American Musician. He has garnered a cult through his Music and is still on the rise. In 2021 Benziey Launched His Official Record Label "Benziey Records". After Releasing his "Debut " Album "Pain & Melody". Carrying him into the beginning of 2022 and releasing his hit EP “Bandemic”

Recording Studio

"Through out my music, I hope to spread
hope to those who feel that things wont get better in life"



Lil Benziey is an influential Rapper with a devoted following. His incredible career began with a bang in 2019 with the release of his first smash hit. Since then, he has toured almost constantly and have put out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans—both old and new—and critics alike.

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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